These workshops/ advanced training , designed  for professionals holding of a CMVP certificate, have been developed to complete general knowledge and get credits: :

  1. a) Complete the general knowledge of M & V acquired during the internship EVO Level 3
  2. b) Enable students to get, where appropriate, credit for a three-year renewal of the CMVP.

Public and Eligibility

Holders of valid CMVP or CMVP -IT. or equivalent level knowledge or experiences.

 These Measurement and verification advanced  training have been running for 3 years in Switzerland and France 

Form & Content

4-hour workshops, including where appropriate : personal preparation and / or personal work validated after the course.  A full day training equivalent

They generally comprise coursework, followed by a tutorial portion. In some cases, depending on the themes , it is possible that the subject is spread over two or more sessions of 4 hours each.

Details of training :

Statistical tools for Measurement and Verification

Isolated options. Advanced case studies : EPA Central Air treatment in a school building

Isolated options. Case studies developed : Lighting renovation in a building

Global options. Case studies developed : Multiple Renovations in a building

Complex non-linear models approach ” piecewise ”

Complex models, using advanced modeling tools : UT3

All training session include documents, slides, all given at the end of the training.



STATISTICS for measurement and verification

target: this module is related to annex B of  IPMVP. it is a statistics basic  review and show how to use them in M & V.


introduction to statistics

descriptive statistics

  • – frame
  • – simple and statified simpling
  •  linear regression
  • – scatter diagram
  • – correlations
  • – linear regression and multivariate
  • – deviant management
  • – validation test
  • – basic models.

uncertainty calculation

– review of uncertainty in M & V

– definitions

– 7 steps of calculation processus

basic formulation

exercise: home work made by the students withing 2 weeks to be verified and corrected.


Workshop/ ADVANCED Training 2

Energy Conservation Measure (ECM)  on air central processing unit  in a school building

target: this advanced training is focused on option A or B  retrofit isolation. the students have a  case preparation home work before the training. after they have an exercise to do under teacher supervision.


case presentation,

data references:  baseline

student preparation work on the M & V choice, data qualification, additional data to be got if needed

training course option A & B , methodology applied.


– identification one or several ECM

– perimeter of measurement

– possible option

– measurement period (ante , post)

– option choice and explanation

– equation family to be use

– non routine adjustment

– uncertainty savings  level determination

– P.M.V draw-up




Retrofit Isolation. examples: lighting renovation 


target: master the M & V  plan elaboration with retrofit  Isolation A & B.  the students have to prepare the training with a personal case example and complete it under teacher supervision.

a training course is done on retrofit isolation to start.


case study


option choice

working group

– ECM identification

– measurement perimeter

– possible option

– ante & post measurement period

– option selection

– equation family to be use

– non routine adjustment

– setting-up uncertainty level on savings

personal work

– PMV setting

– generalization




cases study: building multiple renovation

target: PMV option C. Training with preparation by the students under teacher supervision.

at the end of the training a excel document will be given to the attendees : uncertainly calculation,  regression, statistical analysis, ..


case study


option C justifying

excel exercise on C option (justifying bases L.I.N.E )

working group:

– measurement perimeter

– possible option

– ante and post measure period

– option C  selection and justifying

– models elaboration for each energy and segment

– services level

– uncertainty level and forecast on savings

Personal  work

– PMV setting-up

– report writing


  non linear complex models , piecewise function

target: based on real cases when a piecewise function approach is required.


regression analyse and models qualification with L.I.N.E/ ANOVA method

Excel personal work on teacher supervision



advanced tools for  complex modelling (UT3)

target: calculation on a selected case with UT3 software tool.

Curve modeling with LBNL (T,t)  presentation


models presentations Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

model presentation (UT3)

modeling exercise

–  piecewise function

– by segment classical  regression

segment calculation LBNL

result comparison

uncertainty comparison on the models

uncertainty calculation on the savings

same exercise with normative saving




 Building automation monitoring systems with M & V

target: Building Automation systems possibilities/support  for  M & V

Main points addressed:

Normative documents: EN ISO 16484 EN 15232

– system structure

– communication possibilities, functional possibilities

– main specifications for energies management and M & V.

– exercises

. functional specification with ISO16484

.system  auditing 15232









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