Our training courses


These workshops, designed exclusively for professionals holding a CMVP, have been developed to meet two needs :

  1. a) Complete the general knowledge of M & V acquired during the internship EVO Level 3
  2. b) Enable students to get, where appropriate, credit for a three-year renewal of the CMVP.


Public and Eligibility

Holders of a valid CMVP or CMVP -IT.


Form & Content

4-hour workshops, including where appropriate : personal preparation and / or personal work validated after the course.

They generally comprise coursework, followed by a tutorial portion. In some cases, depending on the themes , it is possible that the subject is spread over two or more sessions of 4 hours each.

Details of training :

Statistical tools for Measurement and Verification

Isolated options. Advanced case studies : EPA Central Air treatment in a school building

Isolated options. Case studies developed : Lighting renovation in a building

Global options. Case studies developed : Multiple Renovations in a building

Complex non-linear models approach ” piecewise ”

Complex models, using advanced modeling tools : UT3

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