Protocol Overview

Training 1 : Introduction to IPMVP

Duration: 1 day

This presentation provides an understanding of the issues and principles to develop a plan for Measurement and Verification. It is targeted to policy makers project owners and Chief CPE projects.

Training 2 : IPMVP Level 3 certification option with CMVP

This course prepares students to review the optional CMVP (Certified Professional in M & V) which will take place on the third day following the course. It offers a full version of IPMVP application renovations, new buildings, and is therefore aimed at students who want a good level of expertise.

Who is the training for ?

Technical building systems engineers, people in charge of maintenance and operation of technical building systems , building owners , all CPE actors.


Plan: the first 2 days

1 . introduction

2 . Key concepts

3 . Examples

4 . Theory

5 . Detailed points: Options A, B, C and D

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