IFS2E : expertise in energy efficiency.

IFS2E is mpartial and neutral with respect to market players

IFiS2E is an accredited training organization for adults 85 EPA 59A and as such will provide the conventions related training ..

IFS2E offers :


The training is for professionals who implement energy efficiency projects. Courses offered relate to :

– Optimization of energy performance through various tools including IPMVP protocol

– Issuing certification EVO international M & V

– The use of BMS for energy optimization and M & V

– ISO 50001 and guaranteed energy performance.

– The modelisation of software tools to monitor energy consumption.

– ……

SERVICES consultancy specializing in performance Energy.

These services provided with experienced partners involved in the relevant fields can take place from the start of a new project with the inclusion of its environment for the implementation of renewable energy services to operation services with performance guarantee and measure in time.

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