Measurement and Verification

energy measurement

Measurement & Verification is at the heart of all types of Energy Performance Contract. This is the basis of any commitment to results, and it is the only way to permanently validate the contractual performance.

Methods of measurement and verification of energy enable you to:


– Identify the real impact of energy saving actions.

– Assist the client in his decision, he knows where and how to operate.

– Ensure objective data for the customer and the operator .

– Reduce the economic and legal risks associated with the contract and to facilitate its monitoring.


Improving the Energy Efficiency ( AAEE ) Actions which provide a gain measurement, in most cases , is complex. Indeed, that may immediately , explain the reasons for which an annual energy consumption curve takes a particular form ?

Ensuring improved energy efficiency requires to understand and integrate the causes of these variations, so that the after-work results can be validly compared. It is impossible to directly measure a lack of consumption in a variable context.

It is impossible to compare like with like ! We thus offer Measurement and Verification procedures proven in real life.

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