E-learning (sometimes spelled “eLearning”), or online training, to track distance education. No need to move in a training center or to bring in a trainer in the business … Update on the advent of new information and communications technology at the origin of this phenomenon.

In itself, the e-learning implies nothing about the following:

the physical presence of a trainer,
the very existence of the trainer,
learner autonomy,
terms of training,
the location of the training …
In practice, e-learning is often seen as the means to undergo training from any computer station equipped with an Internet connection.


E-learning can facilitate access to knowledge. A computer with an internet connection is sufficient. It is not necessary to move.


According to the formula chosen, the training can be followed at any time, at any pace and from any location.


Many studies point to better results from the e-learning training than in a traditional classroom training.


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