Audit and consulting

Throughout the process, IFS2E offers consulting services « à la carte » to project stakeholders through its experts, certified and qualified by EVO , EEA and diverse and numerous experiences in various fields .

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Plans for measurement and verification are enforceable and auditable. IFS2E, with its expertise and experience in numerous projects, offers audits in M &V plans. The audit of M & V Plan that is offered is based on construction supervisors’, prime contractors’ or service companies ‘specifications, either for upstream or downstream projects in the implementation or operation.

IFS2E, along with its associated partners, offers services consultancy specializing in energy performance. These services can take place from the start of a new project with the inclusion of its environment for the implementation of renewable energy services, to the operation services with performance guarantee and its measurement in time.


All AMO or MOE services are aimed at both new construction and remodeling. They are complementary to conventional consultancy services for CVCS / HVAC and electricity. These transversal missions can be likened to a mission of commission on all technical body conditions.

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